Biofarmab - No Itch Lotion

€ 29,95

Softens and inhibits bacterial growth, Anti-itch and light-flowing creamEffective for gnat allergies, insect bites, and sun eczema.


To be used as a lotion on horses, to alleviate itchiness caused by factors such as sun eczema or insect bites.

Eclipse Biofarmab BioNix is a lotion formulated to relieve itching from sun exposure and insect bites.

The active ingredient in BioNix is benzyl benzoate.

BioNix offers exceptional moisturising properties that reduce skin irritation, support healing, and inhibit bacterial growth.

This cream provides relief from skin irritation and itching, with benzyl benzoate having a calming effect on irritated areas. It can also serve as a preventive measure against insect-induced itching and skin irritation.

For optimal results, it is advisable to apply BioNix before symtoms appear to attain maximum protection.


All of the affected areas should be kept clean by washing thoroughly with a mild shampoo, thoroughly rinse out with plenty of water.

Affected horses: Massage BioNix directly into the affected area 2 times/day. When the irritation subsides, decrease to 1 time/day and then 3-4 times/ week.

Precautionary: 3-4 times/week in the spring before irritation occurs. After washing or intense exertion,

BioNix should be applied again to provide the best protection.

Wash hands thoroughly after using or wear protective gloves.

For external use only.

Shake well before use!


Benzyl Benzoate, Verstatil, Thickener, Water.

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