Thinline - Pastern Wraps

€ 35,00

The ThinLine wraps keep the pasterns cool while providing superior impact absorption from overreaching or touching fences.

ThinLine Pastern Wraps

ThinLine Pastern Wraps offer the best protection for your horse’s pasterns. This is very sensitive skin which isn’t protected by the typical horse boots. Pastern Wraps helps protects against contact with fences or overreaching.


Benefits and Features of our Pastern Wraps

  • Ultimate protection
  • Open-Cell technology
  • Keeps the pasterns cool
  • Breathable
  • For every discipline


Why do you need Pastern Wraps?

If your horse often has small wounds on the very sensitive skin these are perfect for you and your horse! The wraps keep the pasterns cool while providing superior impact absorption. The open-cell technology of ThinLine makes the wraps breathable and won’t absorb any water or sweat.
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Where should I fit the Pastern Wraps?

The pastern is the area between the hoof and the fetlock joint. The Wraps are very easy to fit by the velcro strap.


How do you take care of your Pastern Wraps?

Cleaning the wraps is super easy! All you need is a wet cloth. No worries, they will not absorb water.


Will the ThinLine Pastern Wrap fit for my horse?

Length: 10″ – 25,5 cm
Width: 3″ –  7,65 cm
Thickness: 3/16″ – 0,5 cm

Because of the Velcro strap one size fits most.


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